The Retro Container Home - Container Design Idea The Retro Container Home - Container Design Idea

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The Retro Container Home

Container Home


The current Container Home is the most important standard unit and combines elements of modular building with traditional building methods. The cleverly designed box home gives you best of both worlds with open living spaces and loads of privacy. The design encourages outdoor property as well, and is really an everlasting solution for someone who would like to settle down in a smaller dwelling. This kind of type of container home is exquisite for small advancements, sea property, studio flats and even old age group home developments.
Lightweight steel walls and frames with corrugated as metal cladding. Colour to be verified
Brick work - 230mm and 115mm walls. With brickforce. Plaster and Paint. Concrete footings to engineer's detail and spec.
Rockwool insulation in walls
Interior cladding - gypsum planks, rhinolite and painted.
Concrete floor and steel plinth footings to engineer's detail and spec.
The Retro Container Home is a funky design that combines style with rigidness. This alternative building method employs robust materials, and if you are inside or outside, there is always something that will attract your eye. The attractive design is ideal for a tiny previous investments by the sea, in the forest or it may easily twin up as a studio apartment and transition into an income property.

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