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Container Cafe in Germany

 Cafe Container idea
Container Cafe design,Relax, enjoy and grab a bargain here and there - shopping is becoming more and more an experience. And whoever experiences something, needs a strengthening every now and then. He gets it at the fashion house Hartke in Steinfeld in the Ladeneigenen Caf� - normally. At present, the business is in a rebuilding phase. In order to enable customers to make a well-deserved shopping break, the caf� was quickly moved into an ELA room system.
 Container Restaurant
Mobile spaces are frequently thought of at construction sites or engineering offices, "explains Simon Harenkamp, ??ELA's field service representative. "In fact, our flexible room systems are also very popular in the catering sector." Just last year, Papenburg opened a caf� in ELA Raummodulen on the occasion of the Landesgartenschau. "We are also at the forefront of bars, cafeterias and canteens," continued Harenkamp.
The Steinfeld caf� consists of eight combined ELA premium modules. With a width of three meters, premium modules offer more space and facility flexibility while at the same time reducing costs during transport, assembly and rent. A total of 144 square meters is available to visitors and employees. From the outside the modules are held in a neutral and unobtrusive pebble gray. A double-winged glass door, a canopy and a ramp for barrier-free access were also part of the scope of delivery. The caf� area is complemented by two sanitary areas.

 Container Cafe Layout

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