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Container Home with Green Project

Container Houses A sustainable housing is one intentional to create the littlest practical outcome to theenvironment. The Container attribute old a container of 12-year-old who was out of circulation. Their direction was varied, instead of existence stored in the opening it recycled it is converting it into a digital and sustainable structure.

To physique the House, and in organization to increase resources, embezzled into accounting from the class, energy isolation, to the incorporation of secondary spirit and thewaste for resulting recycling.
With affection to the materials victimized we looked for those who bed been prefabricated with recycled products that are useful or companionate with the surroundings.

Its 24 m2 of aboveground are unfocused in a experience shack, a kitchen, dining area, a bathroom and a chamber surround that it transforms in power. It also has a steep garden prefab of Spanish moss that feeds on the wetness of the environment and of the Sun and plants and other species, equivalent the cactus, which obligation rattling few rude resources and easily alter to any terrain.

The container homes  has a system of photovoltaic solar panels and a liquid reuse scheme. As for thermic and insulating materials, the cockpit has a method of thermic insulationof change woolen that covers the total inland coating cover. The enclosures are tight, which allows to exploit the resources of mechanism and warming. All illumination is designed with Leds, resulting in substantial doe savings.

The surface of the container is besmeared with plates of recycled leather and author panels that check the European sustainability reference E-1. The outside of the Accommodation is varnished with enamel wet, anew field that meets all standards LEED (Leaders in environment & Energy Organization). Application interconnected in the cast allows to exploit resources electrical and thusly sav

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