20 Feet Container Shop-Container Clothing Shop-Pop-Up Container - Container Design Idea 20 Feet Container Shop-Container Clothing Shop-Pop-Up Container - Container Design Idea

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20 Feet Container Shop-Container Clothing Shop-Pop-Up Container

 Container kiosk design

20 Legs UNIT
Built for performance
Functional & practical
Easy to create in a brief period of time

If not pop-up, building area is 15 sqm
 Adidas Container Shop

20Feet Unit Pop-Up Container Shop,If pop-up, the wide open platform can expand the building area by around three times.
Roof terrace can be created to attend customer
Weight: 3.4 ton
shipping container retail store,Once completely deployed, shipping container pop up store,these systems can be altered into anything from a two-story VIP lounge, a mobile store, a level for a carnival, get together, roadshow, shipping container retail design,exhibition, level for DJ or live group, a mobile restaurant or perhaps a spacious trade show booth or training centre. It is extremely simple to create and is suited to indoors and outdoor use all season around.
Container Display Design

shipping container store designs,Ultimately, the Component Space's 20 toes unit is the perfect solution for just about any product release or promotional event your business is thinking about. Then again the options are endless once we may use billboards and other tools to get attention, traffic and customers. shipping container shop ideas,The products are functional, functional and easy to create in a brief period of your time, separating us from your competition. Dress them up as you want and create unique incidents with this popular unit
 Container Clothing Shop

  • Trendy and Urban
  • Mobile structure
  • Modular and interchangeability permits inside/exterior set-ups and changeable accessories, fixtures and branding
  • Attract attention and raise the number of relationships by at least 25%!
  • Unique travel system suitable for protection, quick deployment, simple and easy handling and reduced costs
  • Generate high marketing awareness during activation, travelling and even though finished on location
  • Quick set-up and easy storage
  • Minimal staff necessary for safe deployment and cost benefits
 Shipping Container Store

Environmentally friendly strategy Using completely new shipping container, clear of any harmful painting and materials, won't create much building waste
Automatic starting and leveling system Utilizing the hydraulsystem to regulate the available and near by press button
New Pop Up Shop,Container Homes & Pop-Up Shops,Custom and unique designs and branding that may be totally self-sufficient with electricity and water
Technology ready environment for Wi-fi, RFID, A/V, huge LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens, interactive photo-booth and other solutions
Custom furniture, stand,chair, bar counter-top and whatever you need
Container Display Design

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