Awesome Cafe Made with Shipping Container - Container Design Idea Awesome Cafe Made with Shipping Container - Container Design Idea

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Awesome Cafe Made with Shipping Container

Container Cafe Design
Regards for success
For small businesses, there are many alternatives in building a business, with not a lot of money
Figure below, is an example of a restaurant business, where the owner of the business, taking Container used, as a means of efforts
Container Cafe
Dimensions 7.500 x 15.995 x 3.330mm - LxWxH
Room height 2.750mm
Floor 22mm cement-bound chipboard (extremely moisture resistant!)
Food & Beverage: PVC coating 'AMTICO'
Storage area: floor tiles
Kitchen: floor tiles
TK space: 27mm strong screen printing plate
Insulation according to or in line with the EnEV 2009:
Bottom: 200 mm mineral wool
Exterior walls: 220 mm mineral wool
Intermediate walls: 60 mm mineral wool
Roof: 220 mm mineral wool

Interior trim Gastronomy: 1 x 12,5mm GK-Plates coated, sanded, painted with Malvlies and 2 x opaque with dispersion paint, white
Storage space: 10mm melamine coated chipboard on both sides
Kitchen: wall tiles
TK-Raum: Insulation in the area of ??the ceiling and walls with composite insulation elements 120mm, coated on both sides with slightly profiled sheet metal
Electrical installation according to VDE 0100, 400/230 V
Sonsiges incl. Various equipment variants according to customer specifications
Incl. Reinforced flooring 3,500 N / m�

Incl. Ceiling and wall reinforcement in the gastro-kitchen

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