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Container Cafe in Kuba

Habana is a kiosk with pergola or without, designed as a service point for beaches, parks or large urban spaces.
The criteria were to achieve an absolutely respectful design in any type of environment, suitable for any location, without pretending to steal the spotlight to the space that welcomes it and with a timeless design.

It is a container with a unique constructive mechanism, made of an apparent metallic structure, with panels of different materials and finishes, which with the dynamic opening of the doors and the assortment of materials gives a Compact image, closed and vandal-proof, and offers a more attractive and attractive image when opened.

Throughout the years, we have succeeded in constituting a real family of products which offers many uses. The kiosk bar with an initial terrace has become a closed bar for commercial use, a press, flowers, ice cream or candy store, a closed shop, a first aid post, cloakrooms, toilets, etc. Combining several functions into a single element or using separate modules for different uses in a single project with a unified aesthetic.

The kiosks of the HABANA model are installed in hundreds of cities and are approved by important town halls and other public authorities.
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