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Container Cafe in South Africa

 Container Restaurant

Created from stacked and cantilevered  shipping Container cafe , the Foghound Interactive Caffeine Company in Johannesburg is a ecological flagship for the ambitious company. The customers called after Earthworld Architects & Interiors to make a multi-use space from recycled delivery containers. Both story building properties a community caf? , showroom and office buildings for Foghound employees.
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On the floor floor, two delivery pots are adjoined to create the public restaurant, where tourists can sip on Foghound's caffeinated snacks. To broaden the caf?'s space, floor to roof glass doors and windows were added, which also maximizes natural light, making the caf? a smart and airy location to relax with a sit down elsewhere. The caf?'s roof is manufactured out of warm reclaimed real wood, which increases the cozy atmosphere.
The Box Restaurant Becomes Two Shipping Pots Right into a Culinary Hub for
 Container Coffee shop

The business showroom rests atop the caf?, accessible with a glass-encased staircase. The next floor can be found with cantilevered shipment containers, which make a shaded protected overhang for outdoor seats below. Within the showroom, the shipment box ends are still left available to create an all natural sunshade, then equipped with floor to roof glass which starts onto a tiny elevated deck. The showroom is lit from these endcaps as well as light earned from the bottom floor through the staircase.
Carrying on in the vein of lasting design, Earthworld also installed an extremely insulated wall -panel system that obstructs solar gain in the summertime and keeps the inside cozy in winter. A solar warm water heat completes the inexperienced structure, with reliable and affordable heating.
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