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Container Office Design

The INBOX building in El Retiro
Amazing Building Office made from Shipping Container, in the region of El Retiro in Bogota:
 Container Office

"Who said that there surely is no creative imagination in Bogota? Last week - a couple of days before leaving on a journey by South Pacific-, speaking with German child, researcher on historical topics, Blogger and premium, stated me a job that just build your son or daughter. It is a fascinating idea and practice: a building focused on lease non permanent office physical and exclusive, and offer all the assistance that a one who is starting a task or that is moving in the location may need to work easily, without need to put together an organization.
There are many organizations offering these services (though already many years that we "retired" I continue steadily to receive repeated offers from Regus, a business focused on providing these services), but any business for short-term office buildings that I understand like INBOX, which operates in a 4-storey building located at Carrera 13 # 79-10, Bogota-Columbia
 Container Office

This building differs: is not of brick, cement or hardwood, or of any other traditional building materials: is strengthened predicated on cargo containers. Aswell, Felipe Ni?o, the child of my German good friend, and his band of young architects, being very creative, observed you a fresh use to weight pots: they bought a few, they arrumaron them in a tiny but perfectly located whole lot in a blended business and domestic area, near outlets and restaurants.
As architects, not they arrumaron them in a good block as they are doing at the plug-ins, but that they come up with an asymmetric set in place free, leaving vacant the road level to provide as parking portion of trucks as well as for a posture of bicycle rentals, so that young internet marketers can reach appointments more immediately than in car or taxi.
 Office Container Interior

Inside the arrume they still left areas for corridors with the best level kept a terrace and a box that functions as a cafeteria and another that is workshop and lab for what business owners might need. This increases the basic services, which clearly also offer: careers and private office buildings rental, rentals of conference rooms with video recording conferencing, electronic office and business centre services.shipping container office building,Container Office designshipping container office cost,shipping container office ideas,,shipping container architecture office,shipping containers as office space,shipping containers used as office,architect shipping container office,shipping container box office,best office shipping container,shipping container office christchurch,shipping container office construction,shipping container office conversion uk,converted shipping container office,custom shipping container office,
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