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Pop Up Container Cafe Idea

Pop up Cafe

My spouse and i was approached by a caf? owner to assist in the replacing his food trailer, that has been a very old food servery
Working in conjunction with the consumer, we designed the basic shipping container cafe design for his caf? and servery and decided that it was best to modify and convert a 20ft shipping container into the required bespoke size of 12ft. As all containers are 8ft vast, the new scale 12ft x 8ft was suitable for the caf? and food servery requirements.

After the textbox was chosen, we encouraged the client to our own depot (where we execute all container conversions) in order that the caf? -owner could compare and advise our container fabricators where this individual required all the get points, servery hatch, electric power points as well as choose a bespoke coloring. In the end having seen one of our pop-up container bars in the depot, he made the decision on the colour of RAL7021 (grey) which provides a really deep grey shade.

Pop up Cafe

We then decided to proceed with the architecture works, including the following bespoke container conversions and modification works:

- alter external length to doze?
- remove original textbox doors
- fit one particular x single access people door onto 8? -panel end - access into caf? 's servery
- install caf? servery b�ance onto 12? affiliate with 2 x steel wooden shutters (secured with locks)
- fabricate (and install on-site) 1 x rain protect
- all internal filling works
- fit durable lino flooring over original ply container floor
- install an electrics load up (to the customer's specification)
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