Shipping Container Home with Low Budget - Container Design Idea Shipping Container Home with Low Budget - Container Design Idea

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Shipping Container Home with Low Budget

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Reused shipping containers assume the primary role in the building, minimizing time and waste materials of material. A frequency roof structure shelters a composition of three textbox modules: one for the service areas - kitchen and bathroom - while the other two function as living and sleeping areas.
An open space links the two separate specific zones. A metallic ladder stretches the living area to an upper level limited to the area of one container module. A brilliant solution for a family house with a huge number of inhabitants, where every rectangular foot counts.
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Bright colors animate the interior and exterior: yellow for the service container and purple for the other two modules. Wood flooring provides a warmer atmosphere throughout the house, enhanced by the white painted stucco walls of the containers. Sliding doors on the outer shell of this exquisite prefab home invite all residents to maintain a close relation with the surrounding nature. As you can see, low budget architecture can lead to outstanding results
Container House

simple & functional design, i like the idea of natural light entering the entire area while still maintaining seperate living, sleeping and work areas

The use of different roofing to provide internal light while some areas are in the shade looks to be thermally good, and functional. Its So many idea About : Shipping Container Homes and Many idea For Container Homes Design.
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