The Shipping Container House idea - Container Design Idea The Shipping Container House idea - Container Design Idea

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The Shipping Container House idea

Transport container homes seem to be such as a no-brainer. Approximately 30 Milion,steel shipping containers are in existence, filled and floating, or standing clear in a port. almost eight feet wide by almost eight. 5 feet high, and either 20 or forty five feet long, the metal shipping container has recently been the globally standardized travel module since 1956.

Mailing empty containers back in their origin is expensive, so often the containers sit down unused in ports. In the event one lives near a port with abundant storage containers, then the energy required to transport the metallic container to a local building site will be lower than an away from the coast location, far from the port.

But buyer be careful, as that used box has been sprayed with insecticides or fungicides inside, and coated with business lead or rock paints on the outside. Here's a check out some of our favorite shipping container homes

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