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Tiny Container Home Design

Todays Shipping Container House, was built and created by Architect Corey Newell from Newell Architects.

Corey is a Premium Person in our site for 24 months and we are delighted to provide his first done Container Home Task, with maybe a lot more to follow.

The house utilizes 4 x Type 1A 40? Its a huge Shipping container - arranged in a " Shotgun Style" Configuration and has 1,280 sqft of LIVEABLE SPACE
Container Home

Other top features of this Container Home in the design: All LED Light Accessories and Lights, 4 Area Ductless Mini Divide AIR-CON System, Full Home Tankless HOT WATER HEATER, All Low Movement WaterSense Plumbing Accessories, Dual Remove Toilets, STAINLESS Appliances, Engineered Wood Flooring surfaces, Quartz Countertops

Corey made interesting use of the Cutouts taken off the Container Surfaces to produce Security/Surprise Shutters for Forward Facade and by coupled with retaining the Pot Door at the front end entry has increased security on the house

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