Modern Urbanism Architecture- Container Kiosk design - Container Design Idea Modern Urbanism Architecture- Container Kiosk design - Container Design Idea

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Modern Urbanism Architecture- Container Kiosk design

Modern Urbanism Architecture with the natural environment and beach culture of surfing. This is one great Pop Up Shipping Container structure!
The overall importance was to find a way to bring the urban landscape everyone associates with a city like NY out to the beach while blending it with modern natural elements. The goal for the production design was to create something other than a city of white tent tops and Tiki style d├ęcor, which has all too often been used in events such as this.”

Needing a contrast to the bold exterior appearance of shipping container structures, it was important to soften up the interior with a more natural approach. A Zen environment was the obvious direction, complimenting the natural location of beach, sea and air while still offering some repetitive solutions in materials and decor. Container Kiosk Where applicable the use of wood flooring and rattan matts were chosen.

To further incorporate and fuse urban elements in structure and design with the natural locale, large scale driftwood mobiles, oversized nature prints of waves, rock gardens and other natural elements assisted in enhancing the design aesthetic.

Adding cargo Shipping container structures to the event landscape where applicable, created a sense of urbanism in a beach setting environment, bringing the city “landscape” to the beach while creating inventory and storage facilities for the event itself.

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