Restaurants pop up made from recycled shipping containers - Container Design Idea Restaurants pop up made from recycled shipping containers - Container Design Idea

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Restaurants pop up made from recycled shipping containers

Container Restaurant Design
Container Restaurant,When Mersea starts later this street to redemption on San Francisco's Treasure Island, the restaurant and pub with an increased comfort-food menu and breathtaking views of the city's skyline will be built totally out of recycled shipment containers.

The ground breaking restaurant is a collaboration between Parke Ulrich, professional chef of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA waterfront restaurants Waterbar and Epic Steak, and co-founder MeeSun Boice, a self-described foodie with a history in a variety of technology sectors.

While Ulrich is a veteran of the restaurant industry, Mersea -- produced from an Old British word interpretation "island oasis" -- is Boice's first foray in to the business.

Shipping Container restaurant and bar, which will offer an elevated comfort-food menu and panoramic views of the San Francisco's skyline, will be built entirely out of recycled shipping containers.

Ulrich and Boice, a regular at Waterbar and Epic Steak since moving to the Bay Area in 2010, became fast friends over their shared love of food and the sea. Their connection to Treasure Island — a small, artificial landmass that was the site of the 1939 World’s Fair and a U.S. naval base that is currently being developed into a new community — began five years ago, when they both became involved at the volunteer Treasure Island Yacht Club. It was through their involvement with the club that they learned about the opportunity to open a restaurant on the island.
The idea to use shipping containers for the restaurant emerged out of the need for the space to be somewhat temporary, as the entire island is essentially under construction.
 “With all of the development, a permanent structure wasn’t an option,” Boice said. ”When we drove around the island, we saw there were multitude of shipping containers. We loved the idea of preserving the naval history of the island, the port history of San Francisco and repurposing the containers as an environmentally conscience solution. “
Container Cafe design
 Aprisa in Portland, Ore., is a quick-service Mexican strategy in the recycled shipping box.

But he was up for this. His menu is prepared by the island's constraints, including the all-electric commercial home appliances in the military-grade kitchen pot designed to provide thousands of men and women a day.

"I'm making a menu predicated on the equipment we've," Ulrich said. "When the military can nourish 2,400 souls per day, I believe I could do this, too."

Ulrich said he'll use the kitchen's 20-gallon stockpot to make soups, such as fowl matzo ball, clam chowder and ramen, as well as shares. A flat-top griddle will be utilized to make a range of sandwiches, such as pork move and egg sandwich with kimchi, aioli and arugula; double-stacked Wagyu cheeseburger; and tuna melt. Start for breakfast, lunch break and dinner 7 days per week, the menu will also feature a variety of breakfast time items, salads, seafoods favorites, treats and desserts.

This sandwich and charcuterie restaurant and bar in the Downtown Container Park in a Las Vegas, is made from two shipping containers.
While the island already has a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and catered events, as well as some food trucks, distilleries, breweries and a market with a deli counter, Boice said there are very few options for a quality sit-down meal, especially at dinnertime. 
In addition to providing comfort food, Ulrich and Boice have partnered with the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative and its member organizations Toolworks and Bakeworks to provide job training and job opportunities for people in the community with barriers to employment.
“We want to elevate the quality and seasonality of food that San Francisco is known for,” Boice said. “We want to be a part of the community.

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