Awesome Idea-Container Cafe design in ukraine - Container Design Idea Awesome Idea-Container Cafe design in ukraine - Container Design Idea

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Awesome Idea-Container Cafe design in ukraine

The Ukrainian National IT Factory promises to be a one-of-a-kind educational institute to those aspiring to climb up the career ladder in IT field. It is befitting then that the cafeteria for this exceptional IT school is equally unique and inventive!

Designed by TSEH Architectural Group, the Unit Café in Kiev was crafted using fourteen shipping container units and the interior of this cool café is as spunky and vibrant as its bold exterior in black and green. While the initial plan called for a cafeteria within the main block of UNIT Factory, there was simply not enough space for 

But the Container cafe design Unit Café feels nothing like a compromise made due to lack of space as its striking form, innovative design and effervescent personality bring together bot students at the UNIT Factory and other locals as well. The café is spread across two different levels with the lower floor containing bar, kitchen, café area, pantry and other utility spaces. The top level also hosts an additional café area along with the lovely terrace that offers a wonderful view of the entire campus.

A small bridge that sits above the pond at the entrance invites guests here with the interior being filled with geo patterns, bold splashes of yellow and brilliant lighting fixtures. Reducing both construction costs and wastage of materials, this fabulous shipping container café amazes you in more ways than one.
Why a pop-up shipping container cafe could be a better deal for entrepreneurs than a fixed location building.

Location has always been a very tricky nut to crack for any business; but particularly so for cafe owners.

Get it right and you have lots of footfall passing by each day letting you build up a loyal base of customers. Get it wrong however, and your cafe will quickly become a solemn place with your staff waiting around for customers, rather than waiting on tables.

Even the best market research, which tells you how perfect a location could be still isn’t a guarantee. Getting the perfect spot for your business can be tough.

The 6 main problems with a fixed location cafe:

High initial cost. Large deposits, guarantees and advance rent all need to be paid up front, which can be a big drain on your cash flow!
No physical assets – all of your rent is dead money.
Lost capital from all of the fixtures and fittings that you need to make the cafe ready for customers. These can’t easily be pulled up and moved to a new location if you are renting fixed buildings.
Unscrupulous landlords changing the rules of your tenancy agreement to their advantage, when you renew your tenancy with them.
Inflexibility when it comes to special events and temporary opportunities. An additional mobile unit would be needed to give you a presence at a festival or attraction.
Advantages of a pop-up cafe

If a location doesn’t work out, you can simply move your cafe to another spot – you have a business in a box!
It’s usually much less expensive to buy and outfit a container than it would be to do the same thing with a traditional building.
It’s easy to increase the size of a container restaurant; all you need to do is add another container.
A container cafe looks unique meaning it will catch your customers’ attention instantly.
Even if your business is unsuccessful a pop-up container cafe has resale value, so whatever happens you own an asset that’s actually worth something .
Rather than renting a fixed building, you would just need the land, which can save you money!

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