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Eco Green Building- Portable Shipping Container Hotels

Container Home
In UK have found a novel application for shipping container home  conversions – as portable hotels. They can be used for a variety of purposes, near major construction sites where staff need to be housed close to the site, music festivals, or just semi permanent hotels near major event venues such as a race track, museum or indeed any attraction.

Let’s first look at the award winning design by Snoozebox 
Snoozebox – UK

Snoozebox is a hotel chain with a difference – though it has two permanent locations, the rest of its hotels can be dropped almost anywhere. The concept has a range of configurations, with 3-4 hotel rooms per 40ft container – each with an en-suite wet room.
Three ‘family rooms’ can be fitted in a 40ft container consisting of a double bed, a two tier bunk bed and en-suite wetroom that can accommodate the typical nuclear family in comfort. The other configuration is for four double rooms that have two single beds and a wet room in each.

Snoozebox won a prestigious interior design award in December 2015 (the Society of British International Design (SBID) Interior Design Award) that reflected the great use of space in the concept.

Container Hotel Design idea,These rooms can be stacked and laid out in different configurations, but most importantly can be quickly moved to a site and constructed in only a few days depending on the client’s requirements. Those requirements may be a music festival where not everyone wants to stay in a tent in a muddy quagmire, but may also be a construction site or somewhere where large numbers of people are needed to live near a site for a period of time.

The company has put two semi permanent hotels near international visitor venues in the UK. Silverstone is the home of Formula 1 racing car racing, yet doesn’t just have one event every year! It has a range of car and motorcycle racing events that draw tens of thousands of people every month – not everyone wants to sit in a traffic jam for three hours to get to the qualifying races the day before the major event! It isn’t just a load of hotel rooms – there is a hospitality suite for people to socialise between days watching the high octane racing.  As such visitors can stay within walking distance of the race track for as little as $70 a night.

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England is a globally recognised indoor greenhouse with a variety of climates and ecosystems under a glass roof. The traffic getting there can be awful, yet there is so much to see that one just can’t do it in a day. The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) has set up a hotel for school groups to visit from around the UK and beyond, so children can come considerable distances to learn about the world’s ecosystems without having to spend too many hours on a bus in a day. This has a common room and eating facilities so even those who travel from abroad can enjoy their visit in some comfort.
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