Popular wine Bar in Texas - Vegas Container park cafe - Container Design Idea Popular wine Bar in Texas - Vegas Container park cafe - Container Design Idea

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Popular wine Bar in Texas - Vegas Container park cafe

Not known for its subtlety or understatement, the City of Las Vegas is a place of excess.

It’s the kind of place where you can expect to find a roller coaster running through your hotel lobby, or a lion family living in a casino.
So it comes as little surprise that, when Vegas experiments with container architecture, the results are larger than life.
the city celebrated the opening of Downtown Container Park, a colourful open-air shopping centre and entertainment venue.
the elaborate project was intended to revitalise Downtown Las Vegas.
Container Cafe Design

Built from 43 converted shipping containers and 41 locally manufactured Xtreme cubes, the 56,000 square-foot development is a feat in cargo-tecture innovation.Container Cafe-Container Restaurant
A customised three-storey container elevator connects the 39 shops, restaurants and bars that inhabit the retail space.
The complex also features an interactive play area, known as The Treehouse, and a massive 40-foot steel Praying Mantis.
Among the eclectic range of boutiques, galleries and eateries at Container Park, wine bar Bin 702 is a favourite with visitors.

The hip shipping container bar offers patrons indoor and outdoor drinking and dining.
Made of two adjoining recycled shipping containers, the structure’s industrial edge is offset by warm wood interiors.

The popular watering hole features a roof deck where guests can take in the spectacle of the sprawling Container village below.
Advantages of a pop-up cafe

If a location doesn’t work out, you can simply move your cafe to another spot – you have a business in a box!
It’s usually much less expensive to buy and outfit a container than it would be to do the same thing with a traditional building.

It’s easy to increase the size of a container restaurant; all you need to do is add another container.
A container cafe looks unique meaning it will catch your customers’ attention instantly.
Even if your business is unsuccessful a pop-up container cafe has resale value, so whatever happens you own an asset that’s actually worth something .
Rather than renting a fixed building, you would just need the land, which can save you money!
Pop-up cafe’s provide a very attractive alternative to a traditional building for entrepreneurs, especially start-ups.
Pop up cafe design

We have seen that pop-up shipping container cafe’s can be moved to any location whilst being customer-ready at a moment’s notice. They also allow you to sidestep high street landlords who could unfairly hike rent just as your business gets successful.

A pop-up cafe might be your perfect opportunity to create a footloose presence in the hospitality sector, while protecting you from a lot of the high start-up costs associated with a fixed location site

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