Urban Pop Style-Container Cafe Design in San Diego - Container Design Idea Urban Pop Style-Container Cafe Design in San Diego - Container Design Idea

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Urban Pop Style-Container Cafe Design in San Diego

Shipping Container Pop u Cafe -San Diego, like many megalopolis, an elusive city. To inhabit Sandiego is to inhabit an organism which is beyond simple comprehension. Moving through this huge entity, we feel as if we are nomads in an ever changing environment composed of an uncountable number of beings, things, materials.

Communication is more and more enclosed within the cities network of wires, depriving public space of its meaning. Our experience of the environment is dominated by artificiality, by rapid movement on and under the ground, and by the disappearance of spatial identity. It is difficult for us to relate our feelings to our surroundings.

Pop-up Cafe is a tool to break through this logic of alienation. It interferes with this system in order to extend our imagination, to create opportunities, memories that change our vision of place.
Pop-up’s temporary events animate the urban environment, create opportunities to meet, to talk and to exchange ideas.

The pop-up tent, a mobile stage/screen setting, is a facility to present cultural events and to cater for guests, and it ‘popped-up’ in various locations around New York during.
After pop-up cafe has vanished, what happened at its appearance will remain only in the memory of the participants. Pop-up gives us the chance to create our own image of public .

Within three short months, the team converted 14 shipping containers into fully functional and fully portable modules to be used as a catering station, coffee shop, and outdoor beer garden.
The urban pop-up park is now a popular hipster hangout, complete with cafe, restaurant, beer garden, music venue and a rotating assortment of food trucks.

In addition to the many tasty food offerings, Quartyard is also home to a 5,000 square foot dog park, which serves as an urban off-leash oasis for the downtown hounds of San Diego.
Open every day, Quartyard hosts various cultural events, including farmers markets, film festivals and outdoor concerts.

The project’s sustainable and innovative design offers visitors a unique outdoor experience,Lets enyoy the Container Cafe .
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